Training a gundog that originally belonged to your partner, or vice versa, can be a very delicate dance. Whether you’re following your partner’s well-established training plan,  or inviting them into yours, this blog will be your ultimate guide to working with your partner’s gundog. We’ll walk you through aligning your training methods, building both your own and your gundog’s confidence, and creating a hopefully joyful training journey for all.

Sue Lister of Field and Fireside and Claire Denyer of Family Dog Services will have you in giggles as we chat through this canine challenge.

Podcast Episode:

Different Training Approaches

Training a gundog together works best with open dialogue. But reaching this isn’t always easy. Start with a heart-to-heart chat to understand your partner’s approach to training. While you don’t have to adopt their methods, it’s crucial to discuss each other’s thoughts and find a middle ground. Watching each other’s training sessions and sharing insights without judgment is our suggested plan here. Open communication is key—after all, you’re in this as a team. However, when you listen to this week’s podcast you may find yourself laughing at how difficult this can sometimes be 🙂

Building a Bond with Your Partner’s Gundog

Trust is always your foundation for successful training with any gundog. If you’re stepping into the role of trainer for your partner’s gundog, spend quality time bonding before diving into the actual training. Walks, playtime, and consistent feeding times are excellent ways to establish trust. A strong bond not only makes your gundog more responsive but also boosts your own self-confidence.

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Balancing Teamwork and Individual Responsibilities

The key to pain-free training is setting clear roles from the get-go. Whether your partner focuses on physical exercises while you manage care, or you split training days, make sure the arrangement works for everyone involved, including the gundog. Roles aren’t set in stone; maintain an open dialogue to adjust as you progress, becoming more confident and in tune with your gundog’s needs.

Acknowledging Initial Ownership

Recognising who was the gundog’s initial owner sets the tone for your shared training journey. If you’re stepping into a routine your partner established, your task is to blend in your own methods without causing upheaval. Conversely, if your partner is joining you, it’s about making room for their input without feeling your tried-and-true methods are being overturned. Emotional intelligence and open conversations are crucial to these dynamics successfully being implemented.

Final Thoughts

Whether the gundog was originally yours or your partner’s, this shared training journey is rewarding in multiple ways, from fostering stronger relationships to achieving a well-trained gundog and individual growth. With clear communication, trust, and defined roles, you’re well on your way to creating a harmonious training environment for all involved…hopefully…

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