This week we celebrate THE GREAT BRITISH GAME WEEK 2019!  With the season in full swing, and Christmas around the corner, now is a great time to prepare game birds from your shoot for your dinner table.

The rule in our home when shooting game is ‘if you took part in killing it, then you take part in eating it’. I’ve brought our children up to know that it is important that the animal is used as food to ensure its life didn’t end for sport alone.

But how exactly do you prepare pheasant, duck, grouse, quail or partridge?

I’ve scoured the internet for the best videos I could find to help you prepare your game birds. I hope this helps you to prepare your game birds and feed your families.

Much Love

Handy Items For Preparing And Trussing Game Birds :


You will find Heavy Duty Poultry Shears really handy. These ultra-sharp stainless steel kitchen scissors with professional blades and spring-loaded handle are perfect for game birds. These ones I found online for £10.88 with free delivery. You can purchase them HERE


If you wish to truss your bird, then you will need cooking string. This red and white string looks pretty, and it’s easy to find on your bird.  This string can be purchased HERE on Amazon.  It’s £7.99  with free delivery for 328 feet! That should keep you going….

Pheasant Preparation

Duck Preparation

Grouse Preparation

Quail Preparation

Partridge Preparation

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Question Of The Week

What’s your favourite game bird to eat? Pop your answers in the comments below

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