Welcome to another exciting episode of the LWDG podcast! In this edition, we delve deep into the topic of behavioural medication for gundogs. Join us as we discuss the increasing trend of using medication to address behavioural issues in dogs and how it impacts their well-being. Our Group Experts Claire Denyer, Jemma Martin and Samantha Thorneycroft-Taylor share their valuable insights on when and how to consider behavioural medication as a viable solution.

Podcast Episode:


Behavioural Medication: A Growing Trend

The podcast kicks off with the host, Joanne Perrott, and our experts discussing the rising usage of behavioural adaptive medication for gundogs. They highlight how many dog owners resort to medication without addressing the root cause of the behavioural issues. The experts emphasise the importance of combining medication with appropriate training for a holistic approach.

The Concerns Surrounding Behavioral Medication

The panel raises valid concerns regarding the use of behavioural medication without proper evaluation. They discuss cases where veterinarians prescribe medication without exploring behaviour modification first. The experts express their worries about dogs being put on medication without fully understanding their true behaviour and personality.

The Influence of External Factors on Medication Use

The conversation touches on the impact of external factors on the increasing use of behavioural medication. The panel speculates that changes in dog ownership, including the COVID-19 pandemic, might contribute to the surge in medication usage. They discuss how inexperienced dog owners might misinterpret natural dog behaviours as problematic and rush to medication.

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Identifying Behavioral Issues Warranting Medication

The experts identify anxiety and reactivity/aggression as the most common behavioural issues for which medication is prescribed. They discuss how anxiety can manifest in various ways and sometimes be misinterpreted by inexperienced owners. Additionally, they highlight that dogs’ behaviour should be evaluated thoroughly before considering medication as an option.

The experts debate whether behavioural medication can provide a “window of opportunity” to facilitate training. While some believe that short-term medication can be useful in certain cases, others express concerns about long-term usage and its potential negative effects on the dog’s behaviour.

The experts stress the significance of collaboration between behavioural trainers and veterinarians when medication is considered. They propose that trainers and vets work together to ensure the best outcome for the dog, rather than relying solely on medication as a quick fix. This collaboration allows for a comprehensive understanding of the dog’s needs and tailors the approach accordingly.

Exploring Alternative Approaches: Calming Supplements

The panel discusses the use of calming supplements as an alternative to sedatives and tranquillizers. They share examples from their experiences with both horses and dogs, highlighting the benefits of these supplements in certain situations. Calming supplements can help dogs relax without the potential adverse effects of traditional medications.

The Challenge of Monitoring Medication’s Effectiveness

The podcast acknowledges the difficulty of assessing medication effectiveness in dogs due to the lack of direct communication. Unlike humans, dogs cannot provide detailed feedback on how the medication is affecting them, leading to a reliance on owners’ interpretations.

The experts provide insights into how trainers can help dog owners make informed decisions regarding behavioural medication. They stress the importance of thorough evaluation, behaviour modification plans, and continuous assessment to determine whether medication is genuinely necessary.


In this thought-provoking podcast episode, the experts shed light on the growing trend of behavioural medication for gundogs. They focus on the significance of collaboration between trainers and vets, a thorough understanding of the dog’s behaviour, and the cautious use of medication as a last resort. By taking a holistic approach that combines proper training and, if necessary, medication, gundog owners can ensure their dogs lead happy and balanced lives. So, if you’re considering behavioural medication for your gundog, this podcast is a must-listen to make an informed decision for your canine companion’s well-being.

Finally, it is essential for gundog owners to be aware of the potential risks associated with behavioural medication. Certain medications can have serious or even life-threatening side effects when used incorrectly or in high doses. As such, any decision to medicate a gundog should involve close monitoring and regular vet appointments for checkups and assessments. With this[Podcast Text]


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