The Members Club is currently open!

I’m Joanne Perrott, the founder of the Ladies Working Dog Group. I know how confusing and overwhelming this whole working dog life can be.

You may feel like you’re going in circles trying to train your dog, yet you’re still not getting the results you want. Or maybe your the only female working your dog locally, and you are just looking for other women to talk to. I know how you may feel, because I felt it too.

I’d love to help you get things straightened out, so you can build a wildly successful relationship between you and your dog(s). I’d also love to introduce you to the hundreds of other ladies in our group with working dogs too. Our private Founders membership is currently open for enrolment and as you’ve landed here, my guess is that you want to find out more, so all the information you need is below.

We’ve helped nearly 1800 ladies join our community and I’d love to help you too.No more struggling trying to figure it all out by yourself, come and join us and let’s make this your most successful year yet. 

What's In The Members Club

  • Monthly Masterclass Trainings – each month with an expert on a different topic.
  • Printables – Exclusive printables to help you develop your skills and knowledge
  • Training Partner Finder- Simply look in your region for another lady who fancies meeting up to train.
  • Monthly Live Q&A sessions to help you with your training challenges.
  • Member Club Competitions
  • Exclusive discounts and private member club only Facebook Group

What Happens When I join?

1. We'll provide advice and training.

No more going in circles – we’re going to help you get complete clarity around what you need to do in order to train your working dog through the masterclasses, or through our two Facebook communities.

2. We'll provide encouragement and personalised help.

Support at your fingertips. Have a burning dog question, need feedback on what can be improved, need recommendations clothing or kit,  or just need support? We’re all here to help you (1800+ of us!).

3. We’ll help you to implement what you learn.

We’ll then help you improve your skills through live, online workshops and Q&As, accountability partners section, and more. You won’t be training your dog alone.

4. We'll welcome you into our amazing community.

Inside you will find ladies just like you. Women who understand how hard it is to train a working dog, and then take it out into the field.  You will develop friendships that will bring even more joy to the sports you love. 

Join Today!

 Right NOW we have an introductory joining price, so it is a fantastic time to join us. It’s an incredibly exciting time for all of us! 

Join as a regular member today with the low cost monthly membership of £4.99


Most frequent questions and answers

It’s currently £4.99 per month to be a member. Membership can be made via debit/credit card or via Paypal. All transactions are secure, at no time do we as a club have access to your payment details. 

Yes, but we hope you won’t! You can cancel really easily from inside your membership dashboard. Please note if you cancel and the membership cost has raised, you cannot come back as a member at the old price. 

Unfortunately not at the moment, but we’re already working on this feature.

We stand behind our promises. That means, once you join us you have 30 days to claim a refund if you feel like the Members’ Club isn’t for you or has offered you no value.

We are absolutely dedicated to making sure each and every one of our members receives the royal treatment when she joins. We limit enrolment to a few times a year so we can create an experience where new members are warmly received, supported, and guided to all that the Members’ Club has to offer.
By holding dedicated enrolment periods, we can dedicate time and resources to welcoming each new “class” of members.

No, not necessarily. We welcome passionate newcomers!

We partner with brilliant experts to create content we know our members want and need. Each month the skill being taught will be a skill that our members are looking to master in the areas of dog control, dog obedience, dog temperament, hunting, and retrieving. Masterclasses are included free of charge within your membership cost.