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With summer in full swing, many of us are looking for a new dog training vest. In our Facebook communities, ladies post questions like:
  • Can anyone recommend a hunting vest for the larger lady?
  • Best company to buy a training vest from??? And which one?!¬†ūüė≥. I have a feeling the waistcoat type might get too warm.
  • I think the time has come to treat myself to a dummy vest any suggestions please appreciated
  • my current cheap “falconry” dummy vest has given up and I have the cash aside for a new proper training vest. What do we all recommend? It will be for all-year wear and I normally wear mine when working them too, so good for game as well as dummies (don’t put the game in the vest but may get splattered as I use my over-shoulder game carrier)

So when our lovely member Heidi told us all about a new lightweight vest she had seen at a dog show, we were all ears!


Heidi told us that she had raved to Mark, owner of¬†Happy Hotdogs ¬†about our group and he wanted to chat to us about reviewing the¬†New/Upgraded – ‘Light’ Pinewood Professional Dog Sports/Dog Training Gilet¬†For Ladies

We chatted to Mark and agreed to review the Pinewood Training Vest with some of our incredible Featured Experts and team.

As you know, we take reviews incredibly seriously in the LWDG.  And we want to put this vest through its paces. So our reviewing team includes:

How are we reviewing the vest?

Our review team are going to use the vests in their day-to-day dog training lives. Then they will post on Instagram and Facebook about the vest, so you can all get genuine feedback on how the vest performs. Integrity is everything to us, so we will be honest throughout.

At the end of the review period, we will collect all their feedback and put it together in one blog post for you to read. You can find their individual posts using the hashtag #lwdghappy


NEWSFLASH: Happy Hotdogs are also offering a discount whilst we review for all LWDG ladies ( and gentlemen) 

The Non-Member discount code is LWDG-15 and can be used to get £15 off any of the following Pinewood Products. 
Society Members can find their discount code with higher value voucher on July 1st of the Group Calendar.    

The discount code can be used on the:  Pinewood Jacket, The Pinewood Light Vest, and The Pinewood Regular Vest. These are available designed and cut for both men and women.

You can visit Happy Hotdogs online at www.happyhotdogs.co.uk/collections/pinewood


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