Wondering why your gundog always pulls on the lead? Here are three of the loose lead walking mistakes you could be making.

Walking your gundog is supposed to be an enjoyable experience, but it can quickly turn into a frustrating and stressful ordeal if your gundog is constantly pulling on the lead.

Pulling on the lead is a common problem for gundog owners and can be caused by a number of different factors. In this blog post, we’ll explore three common mistakes gundog owners make when trying to train their gundog to walk on a loose lead.

Mistake #1: Inconsistent Training

One of the most common reasons why gundogs pull on the lead is because their owners are not consistent with their training. Training a gundog to walk on a loose lead takes time and effort, and it’s important to be consistent in your training methods.

Many gundog owners make the mistake of only training their gundog to walk on a loose lead when they are in the mood or have the time. This can lead to confusion for the gundog, as they may not understand when they are supposed to walk on a loose lead and when it’s acceptable to pull. It’s important to set aside dedicated time for training and to be consistent in your expectations of your gundog’s behaviour on the lead.


Mistake #2: Using the Wrong Equipment

Another common mistake gundog owners make when trying to train their gundog to walk on a loose lead is using the wrong equipment. Using a collar or harness that is uncomfortable for your gundog can cause them to pull even more on the lead, as they try to alleviate the discomfort.

Using the correct equipment is key to successful loose-lead walking. A well-fitted slip lead can provide more control over your gundog’s movements, while also being comfortable for your gundog to wear. It’s important to research the different types of equipment available and choose the one that is most appropriate for your gundog’s size, breed and behaviour.


Mistake #3: Lack of Engagement and Communication

Lastly, a lack of engagement and communication between the gundog and owner can lead to pulling on the lead. Many gundog owners make the mistake of assuming that their gundog will automatically know what they want them to do, without clear communication or engagement.

It’s important to engage with your gundog while walking on the lead, using positive reinforcement and praise when they exhibit good behaviour. Additionally, using clear signals and verbal commands can help your gundog understand what is expected of them.

Building a strong bond with your gundog through training and communication can go a long way in preventing pulling on the lead.

Final Thoughts…

In conclusion, pulling on the lead is a common problem for gundog owners, but it’s one that can be addressed through consistent training, using the correct equipment, and building a strong bond with your gundog. By avoiding these common mistakes, you can help your gundog become a well-behaved and enjoyable companion on walks.

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