Welcome to another enlightening episode of “Found It, Fetched It,” where host Joanne Perrott sits down with LWDG expert Sarah Drake. This week’s podcast delves into the intricate feelings dog owners experience: loving their dogs deeply while not always liking their behaviour. This candid conversation uncovers the layers of dog ownership that often go unspoken.

Understanding Love vs. Like in Dog Ownership

Sarah and Joanne discuss an essential but rarely explored topic—how it’s possible to love your dog unconditionally but occasionally find their behaviour frustrating or bothersome.

They liken the relationship with a dog to that with family members; there are moments of irritation despite the underlying love. The episode unpacks various factors that might influence these feelings, such as poor weather making regular walks a challenge, financial stress, or emotional pressures that come with dog ownership.

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Factors Influencing Our Feelings Towards Dogs

The discussion highlights how external factors like a relentless UK winter can turn routine activities with dogs into cumbersome tasks, leading to resentment. Sarah points out that often, our frustrations with our dogs reflect broader life pressures rather than issues with the dogs themselves. This section helps listeners understand that their feelings are normal and more about circumstances than the essence of their pets.

Navigating the Emotional Landscape of Dog Training

Both Sarah and Joanne emphasise the similarities between managing relationships with dogs and other close personal relationships. They share personal anecdotes illustrating that dogs, much like people, can occasionally “rub us the wrong way” due to their actions, leading to complex emotional responses from their owners. This part of the conversation is particularly relatable for anyone who’s felt guilty for being annoyed at their pet.

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Practical Advice for Frustrated Dog Owners

Towards the end of the podcast, the focus shifts to practical strategies for managing moments of frustration. Sarah suggests physical and emotional breaks from pet duties as a way to reset the owner’s patience and perspective.

They discuss creating ‘no-pressure’ scenarios where the dog and owner can enjoy stress-free time together, helping to strengthen their bond.

Conclusion: It’s Okay to Feel Mixed Emotions

The podcast wraps up with an empowering message: it’s normal and okay to feel mixed emotions towards your dog. Acknowledging these feelings can lead to a healthier relationship and better personal well-being.

Sarah and Joanne encourage listeners to share their experiences and seek community support when needed, reinforcing that no dog owner is alone in their struggles.

This episode is a must-listen for any dog owner who has ever felt conflicted about their feelings towards their pet. It not only normalizes these emotions but also provides actionable advice on navigating them, ensuring both the welfare of the dogs and the mental health of their owners.

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