The LWDG Hot Mess Handler Course


Week 4 – Fearless Female Challenge

Podcast Edition Week 4 workbook can be found below.  

Week 3 – Fearless Female Challenge

Podcast Edition:  Workbook for this week below

Week 2 – Fearless Female Challenge

Podcast Edition:  Workbook for this week below

Week 1 – Fearless Female Challenge

Week 1 Workbook Podcast Edition:

Session 4 – Jo Perrott

This is the final part of our Start Your Own Canine-Based Business Course and in this session, LWDG Founder Jo Perrott discusses the realities of owning a canine-based business. Podcast…

Video Recording (Finding Your Personal Strengths and Qualities)

Are you looking to improve your training skills and become a more effective handler for your four-legged companion? Join us for this recording of an online presentation with LWDG Mindset…

Session 3 – Vicky Clark

I’m thrilled to have Vicky Clark, the Pet Accountant, joining us today as our guest. Vicky shares valuable insights into the accountancy side of starting your own pet business. Whether…

Session 2 – Charlotte Perrott

In this module episode, we continue our discussion on Starting Your Own Canine-Based Business with Charlotte Perrott, a social media manager who specialises in the pet industry. We delve deeper…

Session 1 – Tara Best

In this episode, we sit down with business coach Tara Best to discuss the ins and outs of starting a canine-based business. Whether you’re thinking of launching a dog grooming…

BONUS MODULE: Training Gundogs: Taming the Perfection Monster and Embracing Imperfection

In this bonus, we explore the pressure of training gundogs to be perfect and how it affects us as women trainers. We discuss the negative consequences of perfectionism, including frustration,…

Gundog Terminology, Commands, and Whistles Video

Course module Podcast Edition:

Session 5: Getting your gundog going correctly including prize draw!

Putting it all together: training for real-world situations with LWDG Group Expert Claire Denyer Drawing for the free prize draw Q&A with the trainer Podcast Episode

Session 4 : Getting your gundog to recall consistently and correctly

Importance of recall in gundog training Techniques for training your gundog to come back to you when called Strategies for training in distracting environments Q&A with the trainer Podcast Edition:

Session 3: Getting your gundog to heel consistently and correctly

Importance of heelwork in gundog training Techniques for training your gundog to walk on a loose lead Using positive reinforcement to reinforce good behaviour Q&A with the trainer Podcast Edition:

Session 2 : Getting your gundog to sit consistently and correctly

Introduction to basic obedience training Techniques for training your gundog to sit on command Common mistakes to avoid Q&A with the trainer Podcast edition

Introductory Session: The Basics of Owning a Gundog

In this introductory session, we cover the basics of owning a gundog. We begin by discussing the characteristics of gundog breeds and what owning a gundog entails. We then delve…

About LWDG Guest Expert Alton Matherne

CARE Dog Training is run by Alton Matherne who is an Accredited Animal Behaviourist and a PRAMA Behavioural Trainer. Alton has been training dogs and working with problem behaviour for…

Learning Theory Training

As a dog owner, it’s important to understand the basics of learning theory. Luckily, teaching your dog doesn’t have to be complicated. By understanding a few key principles of behaviourism,…

Archive Retrieval: The How and Why of Dog Communication with Claire Denyer

Dogs use a variety of ways to communicate with humans and other animals. From body language, facial expressions, vocalizations, and even scents, dogs have complex language that helps them to…

Hot Mess Handler On Podcast!

Get ready to take your Hot Mess Handler Course knowledge on the go! We’re excited to announce our upcoming podcast series that will feature the complete LWDG Hot Mess Handler…

Certificate of Completion

Congratulations! You have completed the LWDG Hot Mess Handler Course! Congratulations on taking the time to learn how to train your dog correctly! The LWDG Hot Mess Handler Course is…

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