The LWDG Hot Mess Handler Course


Why Dogs Don’t Listen Module

Do you find yourself constantly asking your dog to ‘sit’, ‘stay’ or ‘come’, but they just don’t seem to listen? If so, then this video course is for you. In…

Website Walkabout

Many of us have a hard time finding our way around new websites. But don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for! In this video, we’ll show you how to find…

Water Training Video Lesson

Watch this masterclass if you’re interested in learning more about how to train your dog to work safely in and around water. Claire is a highly experienced trainer and has…

Quartering – Final Thoughts

We conclude this incredible masterclass. ( Please excuse Mr P’s sniffles. He came to help bless with THE worst of colds! )

When things go wrong

What to do when things go wrong

Over/Under handling on blind retrieves

In this video you will look at: What is over handling Handling with confidence When to handle and when to let the dog use its natural ability Practical Demonstration Video

Knowing and understanding the dog you are working with

In this video we will look at how to get the best out of the dog you are working with, whether that be an overconfident or underconfident dog.

The Early Days Of Training Blind Retrieves

In this video you will cover: Start Short Distances Dummy Choice Places To Train Using The Environment Teamwork What Can Go Wrong

Generalising and Proofing your training

In this video you will look at: The importance of the three Ds in training How to proof and generalise the training Practical Demonstrations

The Vocal Command

In this video you will learn : The Importance of The Vocal Command used for blind retrieves

Setting and Casting Off

In this video you will learn: The importance of setting the dog and how you cast off/send the dog Some of the most popular ways to set your dog up…

Preparing for Blind Retrieves

In this video you will learn: How to prepare for blind retrieves How do you know when your dog is ready for blind retrieves? Preparation work for blind retrieves Consistency…

What is a Blind Retrieve

In this video Claire covers: What is a blind retrieve Video example of a blind retrieve Podcast Edition:

Out and Away

This video covers: Sending your dog left and right The ‘Out’ Command Proofing the ‘Away’ Command

Proofing Directions

This video covers: ‘Back’ Proofing Exercises More proofing of the back command

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